CPQ and sales configurator software can dramatically improve B2B sales processes. But CPQ and product configuration is far from easy.

Common challenges

  • Unaligned workflows
  • Time-consuming quotation and order processes
  • Costly errors in the sales quote

These challenges are well known in B2B sales. After a thorough analysis of the CPQ vendor marketplace, ABB solved these problems once and for all.


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Solution overview

Aligning workflows and order processes through a global platform enabled ABB to share product and pricing information across borders and markets, while simultaneously providing the freedom to customize product configurators for specific sales channels and use cases, like dealer portals or eCommerce solutions.

The benefits of this approach include:

  • Shortened time to create a quotation or an order from days to real time
  • Reduced costs through correct and valid orders
  • Smoother supply chain processes

ABB experienced an ROI of 79% from their sales configurator implementation.
Learn more about ABB's implementation by downloading the ROI case study for free.

What Our Clients Say

One of our clients, ABB, chose Configit Quote to eliminate silos and unite a distributed IT landscape, that caused too many costly errors and unaligned, slow and inefficient workflows. This is what they say about Configit:

"Right from the time we engaged in a proof of concept and technology selection process, Configit has been extremely responsive and fast in developing solid solutions, even to problems that are not part of the standard offering. Configit has a much more complete portfolio for configuration solutions than any other company we know of."

Rajat Bhattacharya
BU IS Manager, BU Design & Config. SW Manager, BU Protection & Connection, Electrification Product Division, ABB