76% ROI with Configit.

Read how Configit enabled ABB EP to digitally transform their global sales, achieving an average annual benefit of $2,388,303.

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The Challenge

Define a standard way of maintaining global product data and configuration rules with local pricing, product, market, and stock availability information that can be synchronized and updated regularly.

The Strategy

With Configit's advanced patented Virtual Tabulation® technology and SAP integration capabilities, the team rolled out the solution to 20 countries, with an additional 10 countries in progress.

The Result

Configit enabled ABB EP to establish a consistent and automated way to manage its product and pricing data with sales configuration rules for multiple sales organizations, improving the quality and efficiency of the sales quoting and order processes and achieving 76% ROI.

“Configit’s highly qualified consultants quickly understood ABB’s products and configuration challenges. Right from the time we engaged in a proof of concept and technology selection process, Configit has been extremely responsive and fast in developing solid solutions, even to problems that are not part of the standard offering. Configit has a much more complete portfolio for configuration solutions than any other company we know of.” Rajat Bhattacharya, BU IS Manager, BU Design & Cong. SW Manager, BU Protection & Connection, Electrification Product Division, ABB

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