Establishing the Unique “Digital Configuration Thread” with CLM and Configit Ace

Manufacturers want to establish digital threads to analyze and understand their end-to-end processes as well as improve traceability. For many manufacturers, the only way to achieve this is by stitching together information from multiple BOMs of different formats in different systems, often controlled by different departments.

This is difficult and can lead to issues with inconsistencies, misunderstandings, and maintenance concerns, not to mention issues of control. This is especially difficult for manufacturers of customizable products where there can be thousands of BOMs and product variants to manage.

Join our next Tech Talk to hear Configit Chief Product and Technology Officer Damantha Boteju discuss how Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) provides a “digital configuration thread” can help better manage product configurations.

A digital configuration thread provides the end-to-end view for a specific product configuration, which is difficult to capture using multiple BOMs. It provides a valuable basis for establishing a Digital Thread allowing enabling traceability and analysis.

In the presentation, Damantha will provide an overview of Configit Ace CLM-as-a-Service, a SaaS implementation of CLM providing a shared-source-of-truth for product configuration data that is accessible by any user when and where they need it. By storing all configurations made by end-users in a digital configuration thread repository, it is possible for any system to create a digital thread for a specific product configuration capturing all of the options chosen by the end-user.

Register today to learn how to create and harness the power of the digital configuration thread.

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